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back painAccording to recent research, some 74% of Americans believe that they are today less active than they were just 20 years ago. With the ever increasing use of electronic devices – laptops, tablets, mobile phones and more – over which people sit hunched up with no consideration for their posture, it is hardly surprising that more people are finding that they need the services of a Laredo chiropractor to help relieve back and neck pain.

Following a few simple tips and thinking a little more about posture – good and bad – could help many people avoid back and neck problems altogether.

Furthermore, back and neck problems can strike at any age. In a recent research report published in the Archives of Disease in Childhood, it was shown that no less than half of all children carrying a heavy back pack were at greater risk of back pain. For this reason, it is important to ensure that children’s back packs are checked before they go to school in order to ensure that they are only taking what is absolutely necessary. Also, ensure that the pack is tight up against the back, not hanging loosely.

If you are in your teens, and playing sports at school, it’s important to warm up a bit before you start. Do a bit of walking, jogging, or running, or perhaps some stretching exercises before you get right into it. This will warm up and loosen your muscles. While you are at it, you can add in some exercises that are especially designed to help with strengthening your back. Laredo chiropractic clinic, Laredo Family Health Center, can give you more advice on this.

If you are a man in your twenties or thirties, it’s quite possible that you carry some sort of man bag. Apparently, six out of every ten men do. These can vary massively, both in size and weight, and in the way they are designed to be carried. Again, the important point is to carry as little weight as possible, and preferably use one that spreads the weight over both shoulders to distribute it evenly over your back.

Definitely do not sit for long periods of time hunched over a laptop, tablet, or other mobile device. If you must sit staring at a computer screen all day, in the course of your work, get up and move around for a bit every half hour. Stretch your arms and legs, and get your fingers moving in order to loosen up muscles and freshen up. Many people sit hunched over a laptop for hours on end, even though they are feeling back pain.

This sounds ludicrous, and indeed, it is. The simplest piece of advice is actually the most obvious: if what you are doing – whatever it is – is causing you pain, just stop doing it.

Although a laptop is called that because it was originally intended to be a computer that you sit on your lap in a train, bus, or plane, so that you can connect to the internet, and work or play wherever you are, using it in that manner is asking for back and neck problems. At Laredo chiropractic clinic, Laredo Family Health Center, we see patients all day who are suffering from back pain simply for that reason. A laptop should always be set on a table or desk so that the top of the screen is level with your eyebrows.

If you start to suffer any sort of neck or back pain, just book a session with a Laredo chiropractor who will treat it and ensure that you have all the advice you need so that it does not become a long term problem.

At Laredo Family Health Center, we’ve got your back covered.

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