Being one of the most prominent parts of the human body, the spinal cord makes up an important portion of the nervous system. It joins the neck and the back in a very astounding way. The two main functions being that of communicating and coordinating, it is through this cord that messages are transmitted between body and brain in the form of nerve impulses. It plays an important role in acting as a coordinating centre which leads to the generation of simple reflex actions.

Probably one of the most life-altering, severe, and breath-taking physical injuries a person can suffer from is a spinal injury. Therefore, an injury like this has a potential to take a heavy toll on life if there is any damage caused, because it has got the vital factors in it which help the human body function the way it does. Different individuals suffer different levels of injury, pain and suffering, including problems like temperature regulation which cause sweating and shivering. Some are temporary and hold the ability to cure with course of time while some there are some which might not relieve the body until the person is dead.

The most common cause for a spinal injury is automobile accidents, slips and falls. The number of victims continues to grow with over 450,000 people suffering in the United States. An estimate of 82% males has been figured out belonging to the age group of 16 to 30 years old. High risks are posed to those who indulge in sporting activities on the roads. One of which is bike racing. Criminal activities are increasing day-by-day and most of the cases result in the spinal injury of the victim.

The effect is therefore determined depending on which part of the spine is damaged along with the severity. On the other hand, there are also some people who might suffer symptoms for a lifetime without being affected by direct damage to the spinal cord. Injuries involve damage or trauma which cause reduced mobility or feeling loss of or impaired function, whereas symptoms include chronic pain and migraines along with development of arthritis.

With the division of the spinal cord in to three parts such as front, centre and back, the damage and effects on the spinal cord vary in a large way. There exists a bifurcation between complete and incomplete spinal injury. Nearly 50% of injuries ought to be complete, but these might not be as serious as causing a loss of functioning. Cellular damage and restricted blood flow result in loss of usage. Paralysis is what suggests loss of movement below injury level and therefore, incomplete is the term used to define partial damage to the spinal cord. Other outcome of spinal injury is blood pressure and respiratory complications.

To get back on track and lead a normal life, one needs to consult specialist legal teams to hold an expertise and comprehensive understanding of this complex subject. Victims need to be taken special care of because of its long-term effects. Continuous support and extensive rehabilitation is highly recommended to lead a positive and a satisfying life.

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